Possible Reasons Why This Person Has a "Mcrib" Personalized License Plate

  1. Exhibit A
  2. The owner is an up and coming hip hop artist with a nasty BBQ habit
  3. The DMV accidentally misspelled MC Rob Base's personalized plate
  4. She's an up an coming competitive food eater who's found her niche and now just looking for corporate sponsorship.
  5. His real name is Mortimer Cornelius Ribowski, and was unaware of how many letters could actually fit on a license plate.
  6. Former executive at Burger King that lost a bet
  7. The minivan belongs to Ray Croc's great great granddaughter who isn't that creative but wants to help the family business prosper.
  8. M.C. Escher's son who wanted to get away from his father's drawings, to create his own dizzying brand of BBQ sauces and spices.
  9. The owner of this automobile just really loves very sub-par/ kind of disgusting BBQ sandwiches