1. Privacy Glass!
    Let's face it kids ask a lot of questions, bicker with their siblings, and talk about topics that aren't always that interesting to an adult. With the simple click of a button you can now shut all that out and drive in peace and quiet. You deserve it!
  2. You'll feel more special every time your kids tip you for the great service
  3. Your kid will feel like a VIP when you pick them up from school holding a sign with their last name on it
  4. Your kids can't get into a lot of trouble on prom night with you as their chauffeur
  5. Super easy for your kids to spot in the carpool line
  6. Gives you the opportunity to make some extra money in-between soccer practice and ballet recitals
    A quick pass through at the airport and you've got a paying customer that's helping add to the college savings. Also teaches your children the fine art of small talk with strangers.
  7. Teaches them to be different and classy.
  8. Backseat Configuration
    Makes it easy to pass drive thru food back (instead of trying to get to the kid in the way back), and generally promotes more conversation then everyone just facing forward.
  9. Did I mention the privacy glass!