1. Beacon Lane
    Current street, and definitely #1 on my list. This is the place my kids know as home, where I've celebrated wedding anniversaries 5 - 15 with the love of my life, and where I have grown to know and love myself more and more.
  2. Hargrove Road
    Street of my college apartment where I met some of my best friends and some of the most important people to me.
  3. Brooks Street
    Where I lived all during high school. The house was a rental and what my family needed at the time, but I got to be closer to some great high school friends. Where I started dream about what I wanted to be.
  4. Tolmas Street
    Street where I grew up and spent many days riding my bike and playing sports with all the neighborhood kids.
  5. 13th Street
    Apartment in college. Lived literally 10 feet from the train tracks and once I got used to it I couldn't fall asleep without a freight train roaring past. I started dating my wife here and also learned how to live on mustard sandwiches.
  6. Wisteria
    Lived here from birth until 4 years old. I don't remember much, but the shag carpeting in the old pictures was pretty sweet.
  7. Winding Ridge
    Street where we are building our dream house. Won't move in for another year but have already become great friends with some of our new neighbors.