I fly A LOT, and spend most of my life rushing from one flight to the next. If you are into people watching there is no better place then the airport.
  1. To the 80 year old woman at Houston Hobby who was discussing her favorite book with her friend
    "This was easily the best conversation I've ever overheard, even if you did spoil the ending of 50 Shades of Grey"
  2. To the lady walking her cat in Midway Airport (yep that actually happened)
    "There's a German Shepard guide dog around the next corner"
  3. To the blind man with the German Shepard guide dog at Midway Airport
    "You may want to hold the leash a little tighter as things are about to get interesting"
  4. To the man eating his lunch next to me on the plane from Houston to Tampa
    "Ribs are probably not the best food choice for airplanes or first dates. Also you somehow got BBQ sauce on the Flight Attendant call button."
  5. To the man sitting across from me at the Las Vegas airport
    "While I am sure that you have many skills, trying to inconspicuously pick your nose is not one of them."
  6. To approximately 1,327 other passengers on various flights
    "Yep, there's no way that's going to fit in the overhead compartment."
  7. To the man at the Atlanta Airport who wanted to get some exercising in.
    "The middle of the Terminal C walkway may not be the best place to hold that Downward Dog pose."
  8. To the teenager at DFW that had a green piece of plastic where his nose should be as he underwent some sort of radical surgery
    "I'm so sorry your going through this and can only imagine your pain. But somehow I know it's going to be okay."