It's very trendy to bash the cable bundle- i.e. "Why should I pay for all these channels I don't watch?" This makes no logical sense. When the marginal cost of distribution for something is effectively zero (as giving you another channel is), everybody should have access to as much as possible. Somehow other bundles avoid that scrutiny. Thus, this.
  1. “Ugh, I only watch like 10% of the stuff on Netflix. Can’t I pay 89 cents instead of $8.99??”
  2. “I can’t believe I’m subsidizing your bacon at this breakfast buffet when I didn’t even try it.”
  3. “Can I just pay taxes for the roads I drive on? I’ll tell you which ones they are before I go on them."
  4. “I don’t like Fleetwood Mac and a lot of other musicians. Can I just pay for the songs I listen to on Spotify?”
    "Uhh, isn’t that iTunes? Just use iTunes.”
  5. "I didn't get sick this year. Can just the people who did cover the health insurance fees?"