These are things that a visitor to my office might be curious about that need a little explanation. I challenge others to do so for their own offices. I'd expect the following people to have accumulated some random/neat things over the years: @danharris, @jennikonner, @lenadunham, @mindy, @Ders808, @jaketapper, @bl, and most of all @bravoandy.
  1. Osama Bin Laden Dollar Bill
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    I bet our President of Content that an animated video about Osama Bin Laden having survived under the sea and battling Navy "seals" would not do well. I was right.
  2. Will Smith Parade Magazine Cover
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    This 2004 Parade Magazine cover might be my favorite thing I own. Peter Koechley told me about its existence when he was running The Onion and I had to go online and see it for myself. I loved it so much I bought the issue on eBay. There's a lot to love about this, the most obvious being the juxtaposition of the statement "I struggle with doubt" and the most confident look a person can give a camera. I soon realized that people visiting my office probably thought I was just a big fan. Oh well.
  3. Newsweek Daily Beast Mug
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    When news broke that Newsweek was going under and being split off from The Daily Beast, I went downstairs to their offices a floor below us and grabbed this soon-to-be-expired mug.
  4. Perpetual Japanese Head Bobber
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    I bought this on a 2008 trip to Japan in a random souvenir store. It's solar powered and the head moves from side to side. I expected it to last a few weeks. Seven years later, it hasn't stopped once.
  5. In-N-Out Prank Flyer
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    On April Fools 2010 I convinced the city of New York that In-N-Out was opening a restaurant here. I had big "Coming Soon" vinyl signs made and put in front of construction sites, hired uniformed improv actors to pass out flyers, etc. By 9am PT In-N-Out corporate had to issue a statement saying this was not true. But not before it got picked up on blogs, TV, social etc. The city was fooled for about 4 hours. I still consider it one of my greatest accomplishments.
  6. "How To Seem" Book
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    I came up with this book idea after Penguin asked for a follow-up to our first CollegeHumor book. It sold okay, not great. A good lesson in "have more than just a title that amuses you." That said, @bjnovak and I keep a running list of book ideas that are exactly that, called "Instant Bestsellers." I'd make a list out of it here, but you can't just give away gold like that...
  7. Fake Friends Photo
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    Got this in a secret Santa a couple years ago. Apparently somebody knew I liked Nathan For You and Charlie Rose, added some Photoshop magic, and suddenly the three of us are bro-ing out.