4 of the most important tips I learned starting photography
  1. Do your own thing
    Can't stress this enough. If you're getting into photography because.. (Trends, to impress or whatever faulty reason may be.) you're wrong. Inspiration or just curiosity is correct. Inspiration can be taken two different ways. You can be inspired to do something and branch off of it, or you can be inspired to do something mimicking someone else.
  2. Accept your fate
    Face it, your first 500 photos will come out probably like crap. Take your time experimenting with every possible option on your camera. Afraid something will happen to your settings? Just reset them and start over until you've completely memorized every feature of your camera.
  3. Budget yourself
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    The truth is, you get what you pay for, at least on this topic it is. We all have to start somewhere. You don't just pick up a pencil and automatically become Picasso, same with photography. Start off with the most or close to the most basic version of a camera brand. Doing so you will be better off in the future and it's a cheap and perfect tool to learn what you need. Once you master the core of the basics, then go bigger! (Image is a canon rebel t5, search it on amazon)
  4. Enjoy yourself
    Photography is personally to me, a new way that I discovered how to express myself. Don't stress yourself out, instead do the opposite. Utilize your camera as a tool of relaxation. There aren't many other tips that you can take starting off that wont overwhelm you. The rest you'll figure out on your journey alone into a whole new world.