1. Walter White
    Watching Walter White's transformation from mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher to drug king pin (or as Vince Gilligan would say, from Mr. Chips to Scarface) was one of the greatest journeys I've ever been on. His goofy and gullible antics paralleled with his intense and chilling badassery makes him my favorite character in Breaking Bad, and potentially my favorite fictional character of all time.
  2. Mike Ehrmantraut
    With a late introduction to Breaking Bad, Mike's ethical yet criminal personality and mysteriousness has made him one of my favorite characters. His death was the only time in the series where I despised Walter White.
  3. Saul Goodman
    Considered by some to be the comic relief of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman's iconic one-liners and overall cheap personality makes him such a great character.
  4. Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman's storyline is easily the most tragic of anyone else's in Breaking Bad. The amount of empathy and pity you feel for him mixed with his accidentally humorous personality makes him such a likable character.
  5. Jack Welker
    While most people prefer Gustavo Fring to Tuco Salamanca or Jack Welker as Walter White's nemesis, I think that Jack Welker was the most straight-forward bad guy to rival Walter White. He also has the best death scene in the series.
  6. Hank Schrader
    Hank is usually referred to as the "good guy" of Breaking Bad, considering he's one of the only lead male characters who isn't a drug dealer. While his character was bland and predictable in the first season, the writers rewrote his character and improved his storyline tremendously.
  7. Gustavo Fring
    The most prevalent antagonist of Breaking Bad is obviously Gustavo Fring. His two-faced personality made him sinister yet respectable. While I do prefer other antagonists to him, he is a badass and a good business man.
  8. Skylar White
    Arguably the most hated character in the series, I think that Anna Gunn did a great job of portraying what a real person would do in her situation and position.
  9. Hector Salamanca
    Even though he doesn't have any lines (excluding flashbacks) in Breaking Bad, Hector is essentially Gustavo Fring's rival, and I absolutely love the storyline between the two.
  10. Tuco Salamanca
    A high-energy, crazy meth dealer/user who snorts drugs off of a bowie knife. While he wasn't around for that long, Tuco Salamanca left a large impact on the rest of the series, including tie-ins to cartel backstories and more.