The top 15 Daft Punk songs that I've listened to.
  1. Face to Face
    Satisfying and rhythmic.
  2. Digital Love
    The saddest song to ever exist.
  3. Something About Us
    Mysterious and emotional.
  4. Make Love
    Sad and moving.
  5. The Prime Time Of Your Life
    Robot voices.
  6. Human After All
    More robot voices.
  7. Around The World
    A seven minute song with one lyric.
  8. Give Life Back to Music
    Meaningful and moving.
  9. Instant Crush
    Great vocals on a great beat.
  10. One More Time
    Happy and celebratory.
  11. Harder Better Faster Stronger
    Fast and upbeat.
  12. Crescendolls
    Quick and paced.
  13. Voyager
    Groovy and mysterious.
  14. Within
  15. Da Funk
    Funky and fresh.