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Not the obvious choices
  1. Down by the river's silent edge I soar, searching for my beautiful reward
  2. Gonna be a judgment that's a fact, righteous train rolling down this track
  3. The promise was broken, cashed in a few of my dreams
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  1. Halls of Montezuma
  2. Into the Wild Blue Yonder
  3. Caissons go Rolling Along
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  1. Constant battle to keep them off the furniture
  2. Scolding them to stop barking at the neighbor's dog
  3. Scolding them to stop barking at the neighbor
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  1. Why as an adult is this so hard?
  2. If I have no kids and no parents why do people insist on me being around for Fathers Day. (Or Mothers Day)
  3. Harry Potter was an orphan and found out that he was a wizard.
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