1. The high school "orchestra" after school practice. Scratchy doesn't begin to cover it.
  2. My bladder. Damnit, peeing is normal and all, but did I have to get up every hour?
  3. The idea of making this list. I had better ideas during the week.
  4. Which level of heading am I on? Devil in those details. Time suck, too.
  5. I wish Justified was still on the air.
  6. Ooh, why doesn't Netflix start making new Golden Girls episodes!?!? Oh...
  7. What volume is reasonable to listen to punk music while writing
  8. Who's out there making all that noise?
  9. Random keyword searches of how many times I had written "counselor education" "feminist/ism" "social justice". It was a lot. Still can't type worth shit.
  10. Finding the right height for my chair.
  11. Too much coffee.