In honor of my tenth anniversary, here's a list of meals my sweetie and I have enjoyed at each year's celebration.
  1. Melting Pot
    Kind of cheesy, and totally a chain, but we enjoyed it. :) They gave us champagne.
  2. Chart House Restaurant, Tower of the Americas, San Antonio, TX
    We took a romantic weekend trip to San Antonio.
  3. Wink, Austin, TX
    This was one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. One course was a seared scallop with creamy celeriac sauce. Amazing.
  4. Hudsons on the Bend, Austin, TX
    Waaaay out on Lake Travis; they served a great prix fixe menu with a Texas Hill Country flair: venison, wild boar, pheasant.
  5. Mansion at Judge's Hill, Austin, TX
    I was six months pregnant with twins, and the restroom was down a flight of stairs.
  6. Jasper's, Austin, TX
    A giant rainstorm kicked up while we were eating, and the restaurant lost power for a moment.
  7. North, Austin, TX
    It was shockingly mild for the middle of July, so we ate outside. (!!!)
  8. Uchiko, Austin, TX
    "It's our anniversary - help us do it up right," we told the server, and did she ever.
  9. Milano Trattoria, Georgetown, TX
    Kind of a hole in the wall in a strip mall, but we had a great dinner.
  10. The Hollow, Georgetown, TX
    We were seated in the picture window with a fantastic view of the square.