The Nerdiest Love Story Ever.
  1. In high school, back in the mid-90s, I got hooked on text-based role playing games.
    The Internet was young and very, very slow, so instead of WoW, we had MUDs. They looked sort of like this.
  2. I played MUDs and MOOs off and on, well into adulthood.
    I made some good friends and met some creeps, too.
  3. One day, this guy I didn't know very well asked whether anyone knew Java.
    He was taking a class at University. I was a software developer. I now disavow all knowledge of Java, but hey, it was useful that once!
  4. We started chatting and getting to know one another better.
    For a long time, I thought he was too boring to be my "type." He was nice, not especially sarcastic, and he treated me well. It took a couple of months to realize that my "type" sucks.
  5. After about five months of getting to know one another long-distance, he came to visit me in Austin in April of 2005.
    I knew I wanted to marry him before I'd ever met him in person. I tried to convince him to elope with me while he was here, but he didn't go for it.
  6. We traveled back and forth between Texas and Canada for several months, then started the immigration paperwork for him to move to Texas and marry me.
    I had a great job, he was finishing up college - it made sense.
  7. The immigration/moving/getting married process was hugely complicated and stressful.
    That's probably another list.
  8. He moved to Texas in June of 2006, and we got married less than a month later.
  9. I've never regretted it a day in my life!
    Ten years later!