My Brief Foray Into the World of Bullies.
  1. I was staying with my dad and his family the summer I was ten years old.
  2. They lived in an apartment complex, and my step-sister, who was almost nine, and I would go by ourselves to the playground.
    Actual playground not pictured.
  3. One day, my step-sister was offended by another little girl, and because she and I were both ten, she conscripted me to defend her honor.
  4. I agreed, for some reason.
    So true, Hermione.
  5. So I grabbed a lightweight twirling baton and followed my sister to the playground.
    Thug Lyfe.
  6. The girl was on the merry-go-round, and I didn't understand physics. So almost immediately, I was relieved of my weapon, and the girl kicked my ass.
  7. I wound up with some terribly bruised ribs.
  8. My dad's reaction, when I went crying home, was, "Well, that was a stupid idea."
  9. Agreed, Dad.