Some encounters seem too unlikely to be coincidental! This is a story of one of those.
  1. My BFF is Romanian, but we met while she was working on her PhD here in Austin.
  2. She had previously gotten her masters degree in Illinois.
  3. One summer, when she was home in Europe for a few months, we decided to meet up and backpack in central and Eastern Europe.
    I flew in to Budapest from the U.S., and she traveled in from Romania to meet me.
  4. So there we were, wandering around Budapest.
    In 2003, Budapest was a very interesting city. It was just starting to become a little touristy, but it still bore the lingering marks of decades of communism. It was pretty off-the-beaten-path
  5. At some point, my BFF was talking about a couple of friends she'd known back in Illinois.
    She hadn't seen them in five years or more at that point.
  6. Not half an hour later...
  7. ...we ran into those very friends on the streets of Budapest.
    Neither one of them was Hungarian. None of us had spent any time in Budapest before.
  8. Giphy