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  1. She takes a firm stance on economic reform, saying we are "in a state of emergency" and thus shows motivation to make effective policy decisions.
  2. She supports the Black lives matter movement which serves to end racism a police militarization.
  3. She supports reformed term limits which can lead to general effectiveness of representatives and is a rare voiced opinion from public servants.
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  1. Voting for Gary Johnson creates a political upset which can lead to resultant increased influence from third parties such as the Libertarians and a wider reform of affecting policy.
  2. He is socially progressive which is not always is agreed with, but is always eventually beneficial to all.
  3. He pushes for major reform in education (August 2012), and unless you haven't ever had or seen a negative education experience, it is a wide reaching and hugely relevant issue
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  1. Hilary Clinton effectively brings the promise to continue America along the same policy and path as Obama has, decisions which can be agreed or disagreed with, but have shown to not lead the US into total ruin the past 8 years.
  2. Hilary Clinton's stance on economic policy features statements regarding building an economy that works for everyone, and at a core level, the principle of it working for everyone should appeal to everyone.
  3. Hilary has given a number of specifics on how she is to reform the VA and general veterans affairs issues such as shorter waits for health care, increase eduction and jobs, and ending the appeals backlog, all of which shouldn't require a large amount of actual government spending, and instead are helpful policy changes.
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  1. The honesty "says what he means" factor...though what he means may be disagreeable, he doesn't have much fear about how he says it.
  2. He is a salesman who specializes in getting people to buy his product. He hasn't proven an ability to sell to everyone, but those who are sold to his statements and ideology...are.
  3. There is a massive natural publicity about him, and bad publicity is still publicity, and publicity proves to bring more votes, and a higher agreement of votes leads to a more unified populace.
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  1. The ability to run/jump/walk/stand
    I have very bad legs
  2. The ability to gauge people's interest in what I am saying
    And know how to gain it
  3. The ability to trend on li.st
    The greatest talent of all
  4. The talent of being able to fly
    More superpower then talent but I have places I needa be and I would rock it
  1. If they don't stay then the economy will Breakxit
  2. Eat your beans on toast on Breadxit
  3. It's the British exit, but when you immigrate into the country it's the Grenter
    (Great Britain enter)
  4. If the prime minister wanted to leave and go really fast he could Camerun
  1. 1.
    Late show with Steven Colbert
    All day every day
  2. 2.
    Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon
    Brilliant comedian
  3. 3.
    Jimmy Kimmel Live
    I see him like an older brother...like who I wanna be
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