5 reasons to support Donald Trump in 2016

  1. The honesty "says what he means" factor...though what he means may be disagreeable, he doesn't have much fear about how he says it.
  2. He is a salesman who specializes in getting people to buy his product. He hasn't proven an ability to sell to everyone, but those who are sold to his statements and ideology...are.
  3. There is a massive natural publicity about him, and bad publicity is still publicity, and publicity proves to bring more votes, and a higher agreement of votes leads to a more unified populace.
  4. Militarily, a bully character such as Donald Trump has the potential to lead an offensive in a more decisive and result producing manner.
  5. Trump carries with him years of business understanding, good and bad, that give him a microeconomic perspective, which has application to macroeconomic policy.