1. Hilary Clinton effectively brings the promise to continue America along the same policy and path as Obama has, decisions which can be agreed or disagreed with, but have shown to not lead the US into total ruin the past 8 years.
  2. Hilary Clinton's stance on economic policy features statements regarding building an economy that works for everyone, and at a core level, the principle of it working for everyone should appeal to everyone.
  3. Hilary has given a number of specifics on how she is to reform the VA and general veterans affairs issues such as shorter waits for health care, increase eduction and jobs, and ending the appeals backlog, all of which shouldn't require a large amount of actual government spending, and instead are helpful policy changes.
  4. She takes ISIS seriously as a threat. She has named ISIS for defense and has mentioned taking affirmative action. With all the recent ISIS inspired and planned attacks on US soil, such action is requient.
  5. Hilary stands for women...and if you are a woman, or know one, that is a positive element of her platform.