Latter Day Saints (Mormons) follow a set of dietary guidelines given to us from our prophet which include the consumption of coffee and tea.
  1. Going to sleep earlier
    Having a lot to do is one thing, but if you are just spending the night twiddling your thumbs...just go to bed
  2. Water
    Water, especially sparkling and cold water really do the trick...gulp it or dump it on you head, both work
  3. Not staring at bright lights before you go to bed
    Turning down your phone brightness or just letting your eyes adjust helps you sleep better and the wake up better rested
  4. Sound
    I don't know about you but I love having an ambient sound on like a fan while I makes it 1) so I can have a constant environment and 2) my alarm clock isn't as annoying because I am attuned to noise.
  5. Scheduling
    There is that whole circadian rhythm business which I figure is true, cause if you have consistent times you stick with you will just groove into them
  6. Not having the caffeine
    Caffeine serves as a short term stimulant but a long term depressive agent because you will just require it after a certain point to get up at all. So weaning off of it or stopping taking it in will give your body the chance to wake up and sleep like it is totally supposed to