1. We were sitting in the doctor's and I was being examined by the nurse practitioner...
    The doctor wasn't available
  2. She walked in and was all chatty
    Which is totally understandable
  3. I was getting annoyed by the chatting since she wasn't starting the examination
    And I got joint to do
  4. She started asking me about my future
  5. Rather then make any snark comments...which was a considerable option...
  6. I told her that I was interested in going to college and getting a degree in something related to political science or psychology
  7. She interrupted me and told me that that was a bad idea
  8. Kinda weird
  9. But then
  10. She asked me what I like to do
  11. I said travel
  12. I mentioned that I had been to Europe, specifically Germany
  13. Then she told me that she hated Germany now-a-days
  14. I asked her why
  15. She said she hated it because ten years ago it was such a great, safe place
  16. But then "the demographics changed and now it is terrible"
  17. Whaaaaat
  18. If anything the "change in demographics" is what has made Germany and any place more vibrant and beautiful
  19. So shut up racist nurse practitioner