But that some people who know me pretty well have figured out
  1. I put up a facade of being very confident and very outgoing...but the truth is when it comes to approaching people I get really anxious...and I think that's okay.
  2. I have always been told there are so many problems with my body...(as in bad legs and arthritis and such) and I am told that I want to spend so much time fixing it and poring over it...but I don't really care...or think it is as bad as they say....and I think that's okay.
  3. I relate (and have always related) to the earlier generation more then my own...I am not saying I am an old man in a kids body, but I definitely can't see eye to eye with my peers...I think this makes me pretentious...but that's just who I am...and I think that's okay.
  4. I don't really care about interacting with guys...I am attracted to girls and more comfortable talking to them...and I think that's okay.
  5. I am very desensitized to the news. When a giant tragedy happens I don't know how much I am suppose to care...and THAT IS NOT okay.
  6. I am way more prideful and arrogant in my mind then people might even think I am...and I think that's NOT OKAY.
  7. I don't resent people at all for anything...even when I really should...and I think that's okay.
  8. People tell me to to live my dream or passion and they think that is the arts or singing or acting...but my real passion is the normal happy life with a steady job and a wife and kids...and it's not shooting too low...and I think that's okay.
  9. I am one to say I am sorry too little...going back to arrogance...I often think that if someone informs me I did something wrong then I just won't do it again and that's fine...and I think that's okay.
  10. I write too long of Li.sts...and I think that's okay. 🙃