1. (I dunno how well you can see it but there are about twelve thousand options in size two font and they are all Calzones)
  2. Nicccce
  3. Ima get some Stromboli
  4. (Looks at menu)
  5. Oh my gosh
  6. That is so many things
  7. Nah
  8. I am fine
  9. I mean, so many people have ordered form this menu before
  10. I can trust in the experience of my forebearers
  11. What is it I wanted again?
  12. Okay I know these are so big
  13. Soooo big
  14. But I am going to do this
  15. Eeny meeny miny mo
  16. [after eating] that was so big
  17. And that's definitely what I got last time
  18. Dang it