I have been doing a lot of traveling these last few months and as I now arrive in Berlin it's dawned on me just how much technology has revolutionized travel. The below have all changed the game as they say. Footnote I am not including iPhone because that's a no brainer. Also I do not work for any of these companies. just real recognize real.
  1. UBER
    A controversial app for some (mainly taxi drivers) but if you are a stranger in a new land and happen to be lost, drunk or in a hurry Uber is the way to go. Now available in most major North American and European cities it's become an essential part of travel. No Euros needed, no Italian lessons and no pointing at maps or phone screens repeating addresses you can't pronounce. Just put it in the app. Car pulls up and you walk in and then out. It's incredible.
    This may seem obvious to everyone reading this but really think about how Map apps have changed the way we move in our own cities. Now apply that to a place you have never been. Put in an address and get distance, timing, best route, subway directions I mean basically as long as you have most of an address or name you can figure out how to get there in less than a min. Now try really hard to think about or remember what finding an address was like before these apps. It was WAY harder. Trust me.
    Find somewhere to stay at whatever budget you want in any city in the world. No more crashing on "friends" couches or staying at hostels or feeling shitty about a pricey hotel or gross about a cheap one. You can find a reasonable place to stay in someone's home. A room, a whole flat, or even a whole house! I know the company is now worth billions and don't need any more praise but really...it's brilliant!! I am in an airbnb right now listening to a German guy sing in the shower across the hall.
    Not for everyone of course and has its own set of issues.. But if you have the time and are willing to put yourself out there you could meet a local who can show you around. If you happen to actually connect.. even better. If not, you are still getting a unique experience and if it goes horribly wrong you have a story that will last you a life time. Be safe of course but If you are up for adventure I would recommend giving it a go. One swipe and match could lead to something truly unexpected.
    If you live in the US and you travel I cannot recommend T Mobile enough. Unlimited Text and data anywhere outside the US is no freaking joke. Admittedly not the fastest but if you need faster you can pay a bit more for it. The important thing is that data and texting is absolutely free with your plan. I have tested this on several occasions for very prolonged periods. On top of that Calls are only .20/min and if you use FaceTime audio or Skype or anything like that calls are all FREE!