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this is life when a dog is looking down below you
  1. This is one of the dogs that looks below me
  2. It's weird because you feel like there SOMEONE is watching you but it is a dog. Is it just me or do I thank dogs are wanting to know more about humans?
well I'm doing this because I'm one ,and I know that
  1. If you are a internet freak you watch YouTube every day
  2. Also you play the games that other games that YouTubers play
  3. You also play slither.io,and agor.io
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if you don't live in Brooklyn this will be interesting for you
  1. My block where I live I have 2 friends
  2. And my whole block is Jamaican
  3. You can also order Chinese food
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Five Nights at Freddy's is a game that is scary just so you know if you never played it you should
  1. 1. If you didn't know mangle he has two heads and on each head he has one eye and there is a reason for that because the cupcake has two eyes and he never did before stole the two eyes from each head
  2. 2. Did you know that chica ate mangle in the first game
  3. 3. Did you know that locked the door right in the Five Nights at Freddy's golden Freddy is hiding in it
life hacks are something that makes your life easier
  1. 1.This may sound crazy but I know it works because I tried it before and it worked. So the hack is that you can brush your teeth with a bar of soap
  2. 2.this will sound crazy but if you have a eos you can use it as lotion ,and trust me I have used this hack and it worked and I smelled really good
  3. 3.you know when you buy tape and your trying to find the start of the tape and you finally see it and you try to take it off and when you try it rips well there's a way to fix that, so you take a paper clip and put it where the start is and then you can take it off easy