My family decided to pick a real Christmas tree this year rather then the fake one we have been putting up since I've been born...this is what has happened
  1. The car wouldn't start
    Right away the car was dead before we even left the house for the tree farm. Should've took that as a sign. We eventually get it running again.
  2. The tree stand
    After 4 solid tries to get the tree into our old tree stand we came to the conclusion we needed a new one. So there's a trip to Lowes at 9 at night
  3. Crooked tree
    With the new stand and tree now mother mentions that it seems it's a little too much on the left side of the stand. We do nothing about this and go to bed
  4. Stand again
    Yep we try to bring the tree out again and put it in the stand (this time in the middle). You could see the stand beginning to break and the tree beginning to lean...we think we have it successfully in the middle
  5. Lights
    The tree is so big we need more lights. There's another trip for this tree
  6. It's finally up
    After 48 since we cut down the tree, it's finally up with lights and ornaments everywhere and looks so nice
  7. 4:30AM
    The tree fell...ornaments that've been in our family for years broken, the stand broken, glass everywhere
  8. So done
    We will be going back to our fake tree next Christmas guaranteed...should've took the car not starting as a sign
  9. Tis the season