Hope I don't fail this class
  1. Facebook
    Started the endless scrolling of my timelines and saw everyone having a blast in their photos...closed out of that fast
  2. Snapchat
    By this time the one person I snapchat was asleep so I just kept spamming their account with stupid pictures of myself until that got old. Hope they enjoy all the notifications in the morning
  3. The Office
    @bjnovak i watched the episode where Michael Scott locks you all in the conference room...classic
  4. Read
    Yep I read some of my book I'm reading for fun instead of the material for my actual paper I'm writing
  5. Spotify
    Big mistake because I brought out the headphones for this one and you know that's not a good sign
  6. YouTube
    I spent more time here then I liked to
  7. Look at my essay prompt
    I label this as my first attempt at trying the paper...but didn't get far
  8. Contemplate Redbull
    There is a can of Redbull in my fridge but I've never had one before so I literally read the label like a moron but decided against drinking it
  9. Instagram
    Yep my friends are still having a great night
  10. Surf the web
    Instead of opening that word document I didn't start yet I causally surf the web for news or just about anything
  11. Look at the time
    Here I looked at the clock and saw that I wasted so much time so I casually attempt my paper
  12. Get 2/10 pages done
    Never did I feel so accomplished
  13. Break
    Decide to give myself a much needed break (which I really didn't need)
  14. Ended up on the list app
    Because why not make a list of my procrastinating ways for others to see
  15. Back to my paper
    With nearly 4 hours wasted doing absolutely nothing it's time to get back to this paper so I can pass this class...wish me luck!