1. Not about these 8Ams
  2. 4 times a week
  3. I have class in 26 minutes
  4. I need to shower, change, get me books, walk to class
  5. Now I have 25 minutes
  6. Why did I take this class?
  7. It crosses my mind to just stay in bed
  8. But no that's a lame excuse - just being tired - it's my fault for staying up late
  9. 24 minutes
  10. Well I guess I can skip the shower and wear a hat - not ideal but managable
  11. Maybe I should get off this app and get myself moving
  12. Crap I need to eat breakfast too
  13. 23 minutes to go
  14. Why did I take History of Jazz?
  15. Why do colleges even provide classes at 8Am?
  16. Why am I still making this list?
  17. 22 minutes to go
  18. I need to get up