I hate flying. I get overly anxious and that leads to me being a hot mess at airport security...here's what happened today
  1. Shoes
    Everyone knows you should wear easy slip on/off shoes. Well everyone except me as I pathetically begin to untie me shoes and get evil glances galore
  2. Belt
    Almost forgot this was a thing. Luckily the guy in front of me had a belt and I copied him
  3. Laptop in own bin
    Ok this one must be new. I'm just trying to save the amount of bins I need
  4. Do I wear my glasses?
    The answer is no but my anxiety until then was so intense
  5. Other electronic
    Do I have to take out all my other electronics and put them in their own bag? I didn't think you did
  6. "Push your bins"
    Ok thank you woman behind me I'm aware there's 2 inches in front of me to push my bin forward. People these days
  7. Walking through
    Luckily I set off no alarms so after putting my hands up like I'm being robbed I was through
  8. Separate check
    Yep you guessed it. My bag had to be separately checked by one of the supervisors who proceeded to toss the contents of my bag on the table. Please don't mind my wrapped gifts or underwear sir I'm only going home for winter break
  9. Almost ready to go
    I get my bag back and put myself together
  10. Forgetting something
    When you forget your laptop at security 😳 long story short I'm a mess at airports and now I'm 2 hours early at the gate on @bjnovak @list