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  1. Oh, McGonagall. Sly as a fox...
  2. Oh no! A talking snake!
  3. This movie progresses wildly fast
  4. Harry is bewilderingly trustworthy of strangers for an 11 year old
  5. This movie has potential to work extremely well as a prequel to Horns
  6. Harry just "goes with it"
  7. How did Harry not cry after seeing a goblin for the first time?!
  8. How is Hagrid allowed to go out in public?
  9. Why is Harry Potter dressed like an adult Robin Williams?
  10. "Wicked..."
  11. Don't do it Harry, don't do it!
  12. Dumbledore you crazy!
  13. Maybe Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch was an animagus
  14. There's a troll in the dungeon...they're acting like it's in the Great Hall