1. Calculate each and every grade I've gotten and what I need
    Every day to see if maybe it changes
  2. 7.5 push-ups
  3. Slowly try each color of fruit loops to see if they taste different
    Conclusion: purple is the sweetest
  4. Write more stressful things in my planner
  5. Schedule a time to cry
    Cry during non designated time
  6. Facebook
    I wonder what my sorority sister's GGG's brother's wife looked like when she was 12...I'll look for a few hours
  7. Make Christmas list
    For next year
  8. Count the hours until finals are over
  9. Look for flights to plan a spontaneous vacation
    How expensive is it to go to Fiji in January?
  10. Remember when college was fun
    A week ago
  11. Go to Sigma Chi
  12. Organize my Pinterest
  13. Make unrealistic study schedules that I absolutely will not follow
    Does anyone ever?
  14. SO MANY annoying snapstories
  15. Learn that study breath is RANK
  16. What people make weird ass drinks in the caf
    Hot water and Splenda?? Coke and blue Powerade??? Tea bag in cold water????
  17. Take pictures of people who really don't need their picture taken
    Poor girl
  18. Ponder why the guy sitting next to me in the library is eating a bad of plain marshmallows
    Not judgement tho