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  1. You never expect women to blow up in movies
  2. That guys voice sounds like it's coming from a different a guys body
  3. This movie has so many twists and turns
  4. Her eyeshadow is amazing
Lots of humble bragging from my travels. Enjoy.
  1. Drunk in a casino bathroom in Monaco
  2. Self explanatory
  3. Drunk on the Eiffel tower
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  1. Mean girls
  2. Monsters inc
  3. Teen mom
    Ik it's a tv show b y e
  4. Breakfast at Tiffanys
  1. Girl my friend used to hookup with.
    She left my friend stranded at a chipotle
  2. I'm planning a bachelorette party and needed a pic for the fb invite
  3. Friend is the worst and changed my background after a debate about whether or not the sister in Beethovens name is "Ryce"
    I was right
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Not at all insecure in my lack of knowledge of movies
  1. M•A•S•H
  2. Some Charlie Chaplin stuff
  3. Pulp Fuction
    All the way through this time...
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In no particular order
  1. Queen of Disaster
  2. Body electric
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Diet Mountain Dew
  1. "Remember that girl in my neighborhood that had my mail sent to her, and her mail sent to me? And j told her we'd be best friends? Yea that unknown caller was her."