in no particular order after the first 3, who are in fact my top 3. ;)
  1. aaron taylor-johnson
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    he's so pretty.
  2. tom hiddleston
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    my forever #1.
  3. noel fielding
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    probably my right-now #1. I love him so much I made this little awful-quality collage on an iphone app.
  4. russell brand
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    almost exclusively thanks to noel. here's another lil collage. I've said it before and I'll say it again: noel fielding and russell brand are my only real-life OTP. just look at 'em.
  5. tom mison
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  6. dean ambrose
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  7. chris evans
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  8. johnny depp
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  9. adam scott
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  10. chris pratt
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  11. billie joe armstrong
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  12. matty healy
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  13. alex turner
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  14. gale harold
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  15. robert downey jr.
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  16. david bowie
  17. roman reigns
  18. seth rollins
  19. liam neeson
  20. daniel craig
  21. javier bardem
  22. ben whishaw
  23. christian slater
  24. oscar isaac