in no particular order after the first 3, who are in fact my top 3. ;)
  1. aaron taylor-johnson
    he's so pretty.
  2. tom hiddleston
    my forever #1.
  3. noel fielding
    probably my right-now #1. I love him so much I made this little awful-quality collage on an iphone app.
  4. russell brand
    almost exclusively thanks to noel. here's another lil collage. I've said it before and I'll say it again: noel fielding and russell brand are my only real-life OTP. just look at 'em.
  5. tom mison
  6. dean ambrose
  7. chris evans
  8. johnny depp
  9. adam scott
  10. chris pratt
  11. billie joe armstrong
  12. matty healy
  13. alex turner
  14. gale harold
  15. robert downey jr.
  16. david bowie
  17. roman reigns
  18. seth rollins
  19. liam neeson
  20. daniel craig
  21. javier bardem
  22. ben whishaw
  23. christian slater
  24. oscar isaac