technically they can't all be an otp but they're too precious to just be a ship ✨
  1. frostiron (loki x tony stark)
    I remember I got into this after I saw some people roleplaying it on tumblr. good times.
  2. destiel (dean x castiel)
    how could you not?
  3. snamione (snape x hermione)
    hahahahahahhahahaha. yeah.
  4. dramione (draco x hermione)
    okay, this one actually makes sense. they're the same age and species!
  5. ????? (draco x snape)
    well, you know, they are the only real death eaters at hogwarts most of the time... and snape has to look out for draco since lucius is his friend... stop talking about it.
  6. occasionally drarry (draco x harry)
    I usually hate it. but some people write them really well together!
  7. stony (steve x tony)
    at the end of civil war, they kiss, make up, and so much more. (I only did it because it rhymes.)
  8. science bros (tony x bruce)
    it makes sense, okay?
  9. stark spangled banner (steve x tony x bruce)
    well, one thing led to another, and.....
  10. spideypool (spiderman x deadpool)
    hello? it's perfect. that's all.
  11. batjokes (batman x joker)
    I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.
  12. ??? (harley x ivy)
    well, they are canonically dating. DC did it.
  13. ????? (steve x bucky)
    (spongebob voice) all just because I... watched the winter soldier.
  14. brutasha (natasha x bruce)
    thanks a lot, age of ultron.
  15. clannibal (clarice x hannibal)
    once again, how could you not?
  16. ambrollins (dean x seth)
    there's no need to explain myself here.
  17. ambrolleigns (dean x seth x roman)
    um... I don't know how to explain myself here.
  18. britin (brian x justin)
    they're perfect. Brian's perfect, Justin's perfect, "Britin"'s perfect. if only they'd just gotten married... I like to think they did a few years later.