Yesterday, a fan sued Kanye because fans were originally required to subscribe to Tidal to hear his new album. And though we are not lawyers, we think the plaintiff should also include these addendums.—Lindsay Zoladz
  1. Rhyming “GoPro” with “go pro”
  2. Clearly designing the half-assed 'Pablo' merch the night before it went on sale
  3. Really thought we’d have that video game about Donda going to heaven by now
  4. Propagating the idea that the Grammys are still a relevant barometer of musical excellence
  5. Making a song with a 'Napoleon Dynamite' reference in 2010
  6. Making a song with an 'Austin Powers' reference in 2010
  7. He couldn’t possibly have cleared 'Highlights' with Equinox’s lawyer
  8. “Put the pussy in a sarcophagus”
  10. “I’m the King of Leon-a Lewis”