Becoming empathetic to your hypothetical kidnapper is an odd enough confirmed psychological phenomenon, but in what ways do you confirm it in average life?
  1. Work Ethic
    To have a job you truly find valuable and worthwhile is a noble goal we all share, perhaps only disagreeing on those goals. So then why are we easily content? See how well acknowledging your dissent puts food on the table, or how warm a whistleblower stays at night, and suddenly it's easier to say c'est la vie.
  2. Ambition
    How easy is it to talk about your first, most moving goals now? Why did you accept a polisci focus over that art degree? What stopped you from volunteering in the Peace Corps? How did real life convince you to accept less from your own dreams?
  3. Advertising
    How much of what you own is junk to you now? How well did your friends and coworkers cooperate with stacking shards of minor threats for not joining the craze? How much do you insist to yourself that spending is fun, even if you feel that burden later on?
  4. Romance
    To me, the most important is this. Where does your romantic ideal come from? How much have you ignored the small self inside 'close enough to normal' to ignore completely? In what ways have communities of even well-meaning people fooled you of your own desires? Why do you insist on placing some feelings in the fantasy category? How can you feel fulfilling love when the prospect of truly knowing your heart provokes ignorant dismissal or passionate distraction?
  5. Hope
    What do you wish for in everyday moments? Does your wallet come into the thought? Does your job? Does your home life? What you hope for shows you what controls you. If it's your deep goals and what you find to be an earnestly rightful preoccupation, you're at least on your own track. If you hope for stability, for fiscal or physical safety, for another bad day over another worse one, then you are living in a dungeon.
  6. Identity
    Use no brands, no possessions bought or sold, and nothing of a profit. Turn away from economics altogether. Now look away from your parents, your kin, your country, and your own history. Don't read from someone else's writing. Tell me who you are. If you cannot be, but to be what is allowed you by the perimeter of all else, then you are defined by your cage.
  7. Independence
    To be who you really are, and undo what you have been made into, is life's very challenge. You are only free if what you can be cannot be caught within the sum of all externalities. Show the courage it is to value your unspeakable, unworded uniqueness. Chase the wisp within no one can monetize or manipulate. Chase the thing that makes all others meaningless to you.