People comment endlessly on the uselessness of expectations. Are they? Why do they exist and what is done with them?
  1. Normality
    The epitome of what is expected is what would be normal in a circumstance. Reflection on your achievements, discussing your personal life, and the level of appropriate friendliness are all known for a circumstance by all involved. These impressions are based on a weighted average of each person's prior experiences and influences.
  2. Judgement
    One reason expectations exist is for all parties involved to instantly know the entirety of unremarkable interactions. I hope you can recall a time you awaited someone's comment, only to be disappointed they brought up the weather; you'll know my point. By having norms, we quickly know what won't surprise us.
  3. Departure
    When all around you operate on these tactics, it makes available intentional oddity. The reason boldness attracts is because the audience now knows what is attempted will be worthwhile at least on novelty. Someone has stood and effectively claimed to have an original hold on an idea, and that it will help you to hear it.
  4. Successful Exodus
    Operating without norms to guide takes guile and intent. When that original speaker laces unprecedented connection and communicates a wealth of contextual humanity, speaker and audience learn of each other far more effectively than any other way. Expressing a will for genuine connection, and with the talent to have done so, expectations allow us all to identify the meaningful by nothing more than contrast.
  5. The Open Soul
    When you speak, you choose whether or not to impress anything of yourself to your listener. To place words on wild, overgrown paths shows you if someone actually can see you over the brush of society. Our phones might call it metadata, but this type of action reveals us more richly than the words themselves and make that meta the topic really at hand. Reach, and those worth speaking to will hear. Share, and those worth knowing you will stand out.
  6. Corruption
    It will feel like manipulation. To know one's goal is not the content of the language used can feel phoney. Indeed, there are those who exploit this abnormality-primed alertness simply to gain standing. This will only occur to those who intend it. If the goal of your choices is genuine, you will know when it has failed and that your audience will not connect. It will be to you to decide whether that is what you will kindle.
  7. Call
    All but the most preoccupied are constantly ravenous for genuine human connection. Many sleepwalk through routines, for various reasons unwilling to be the one to stand out. It's not entirely their own fault. Be aware and you will see who needs new words inquiring in new ways.
  8. Capitalize
    Do not omit yourself. You are human and you feel that hunger too. Share your story, your hopes, your dreams... Make an effort to figure how to say it so that all of who you are lives in your words. By being fearless in who sees your real self, you will see your real self. You will find times you -are- proud, so brag. You will find times you -are- angry; make it known. You will find, perhaps more often than you gave yourself credit for, that you want nothing but to hear the person whose sharing.