Best Photos On My Phone That I'm Not In

  1. One of the most beautiful, moving things I've ever experienced. Worth every penny.
  2. My niece Lily is into cooking right now. Here she is making hot chocolate 😂👌
  3. Alexa, Lily, Dylan, and Hailey at Christmas!!
    Best Christmas Eve yet.
  4. My new baby niece Harper.
    She's gripping my fingers (but I'm not realllly in the photo).
  5. Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY
  6. EPCOT, Disney World
  7. My little sister's engagement ring 💍
  8. My current lock screen on my phone. My nieces & nephew and my best friend Alli's boys 💕
  9. Ian and his best friend Brett
    They've been friends since middle school/high school? Lived together in college too. Brett is in the Navy, so we're extra excited that he & his wife and their son will be in PA for 2-3 years for this assignment! Them on New Year's Eve.