Bless Up: The Wedding of the Year

One of My BFFs Got Married
  1. My friend Patrice has been with her fiancé Juan, aka Pichy, since early college.
    So young and innocent! Kutztown University class of 2010-2011 (some were '10, some were '11)
  2. She has been through many health issues over the years, in and out of surgeries and hospitals. She's so tough and strong, and Pichy is always by her side. Patrice never loses her sense of humor or insane goofy attitude.
    Such a beautiful support system, such strong faith, in God and each other. Even though I'm not super religious, their faith and love is so inspiring.
  3. Anywho, they FINALLY tied the knot!
    Tiff and I held hands the whole ceremony, and we cried the whole time. Patrice, of course, was a goof and she and Pichy had to say some of their vows twice bc they were staring at each other or laughing. 😍😅
  4. And Tiff, Kayla, and I brought our own props to the reception and wore matching dresses. Because we named ourselves Backup Bridesmaids.
    Because why not?! 10 years of friendship and a daily group chat means we all communicate every single day and know so much about each other, love and appreciate each other, and help one another navigate life. So OF COURSE we're going to SHOW UP for the reception.
  5. We send each other DJ Khaled gifs a lot, so I brought 5 metal keys. Tiff is a teacher, so she made laminated "Major" and "Alert" signs (for his mantra "Major Key Alert") along with 5 DJ Khaled heads-on-sticks. Kayla and Portia made a HUGE yellow key, along with a sign that said "Bless Up."
  6. I mean.
  7. I'm just so lucky to have these women with me in my life. It shows that distance doesn't matter when true friendship is involved.
    Tiff teaches in Delaware, Kayla works for the Tampa Bay Rays, Patrice works for a bank in PA, and I work in PA about 1.5 hours away from her.
  8. Ian and I!
    He has a bromance with Tiff's fiancé Tommy, so it's perf all around.
  9. Congratulations to my dear friends.
    💍💖🎉🗝 Bless Up