1. Alan Alda
    I started watching M*A*S*H as a kid with my mom, and loved it from the start. I think that might be when my dry sense of humor began to formulate itself. In college I found a store that sold secondhand DVDs, albums, CDs, etc, and I found seasons of M*A*S*H and I started buying them up when I could. It then became my feel-good ritual when I felt depressed or overwhelmed; a few episodes of the show and I felt like myself again. 🌟
  2. Betty White
    I started watching Golden Girls in college. Tiff and Jamie loved it, so I would always binge it with them (Tiff had it on DVD). Once I was home I was always catching re-runs til Nanny got me some seasons on DVD. It reminds me of a happy time in college living with my girlfriends, drinking wine and eating snacks. We all decided which GG we were, and I'm Rose 100%.
  3. Paul McCartney
    My dad introduced me to The Beatles when I was young, and I've always loved their music. He'd play the "Yellow Submarine" tape when it rained in his little red Honda. He took me to see Beatles cover bands when I was in college. We still love to talk about music today.
  4. Bill Murray
    I mean.
  5. Dame Maggie Smith
    One of the biggest parts of my childhood. The most perfect example of film casting in any movie ever. Badass woman playing a basass character.
  6. Carol Burnett
    A few years ago my mom and I spent an entire night watching episodes and bloopers from her show on YouTube, and I fell in love with everything about her. She had an incredibly deep interview on Howard last year that was so lovely. I love everything she did for women in television, and she's so goddamn funny.
  7. Martin Sheen
    President Jed Bartlett. The Departed. He is 💯💯