Some people will not like this, sorry not sorry!
  1. Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)
    This is the most necessary song. The imagery jumps out of the music. "Tombstones disguised as waves"
  2. Dear Theodosia (Reprise)
    Pure beauty. Chance the Rapper's voice is so raw, so real, the vulnerability comes right through. A surprise for me, how much I love this song. Every time I hear this, I fall in love all over again.
  3. My Shot
    Busta has such a strong and raw voice that he's perfect for the strength for this song and the message of never stopping, never giving up.
  4. Wrote My Way Out
    The imagery in this song is so vivid, eye-opening. Making your own way when everything/everyone is working against you. Having Nas and Lin tell their stories in this song was so powerful.
  5. Who Tells Your Story
    "From boats that we came on/To lights with our name on"
  6. Cabinet Battle 3
    Fuck 'em up, Lin/Hamilton.
  7. History Has Its Eyes On You
    John Legend should sing everything always. Love the soul sound.
  8. Congratulations
    The sass and heartbreak is so good, so brutal, so deep.
  9. Wait For It
    USHERRRRRR. 2009 me loves this.
  10. Burn
    Hello, Andra Day.
  11. No John Trumbull
    Great intro, great little history lesson, love The Roots.
  12. That Would Be Enough
    Alicia Keys should also sing everything always.
  13. Washingtons On Your Side
    Yaaaaaas 💸💸💸
  14. Satisfied
    Sia + Queen Latifa + Miguel?? YES PLEASE. 🙏
  15. Valley Forge
    Love seeing the evolution of this song.
  16. Helpless
    2003 me loves this. Ashanti and Ja!
  17. An Open Letter
  18. Take a Break
  19. Stay Alive
  20. Dear Theodosia
    Boooooooring. Not sure why they had Regina Spektor and Ben Folds do this? Plain white toast song.
  21. Say Yes To This
    LOVE YOU JILL SCOTT. I wish I loved this song more!!!! I love her voice, this song just does not do it for me, Maria Reynolds won't be a sympathetic character for me.
  22. Quiet Uptown
    I KNOW Kelly Clarkson is America's Idol. This song is just so boring. I skip it often. Sorry not sorry.
  23. You'll Be Back
    Sorry Jimmy! I get what you were trying to do here, being silly and making King George a goof. I get the 60s Brit-pop sound even. Your voice isn't terrible. I just cannot enjoy. This song cuts up the flow of the album for me.
  24. Static