Heroes We Don't Deserve

  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  2. Bill Nye
  3. Noelanii & Candace
    Dog rescuers
  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  5. Elizabeth Warren
  6. Bernie Sanders
  7. Louis CK
  8. JD Harmeyer
  9. Amy Schumer
  10. Cast of SNL
  11. Michelle Obama
  12. The Un-follow option on Facebook
    Crossed off a lot of racist, homophobic, ignorant, nasty people from my feed in the last few years - thanks Facebook!
  13. Aziz Ansari
    I wish he could run for president... Alas...
  15. Group chat feature on texting & Snapchat
    Brought some lovely old friendships back to life, in the best way.
  16. Calligraphy artists who post videos of their work on Instagram
    It's soooooo soothing, I watch for hours
  17. The makers of Z-quil
    Your girl is finally getting some sleep
  18. Dogs
  19. Me.
  20. Alan Alda
  21. Tina Fey
  22. Amy Poehler
  23. Chelsea Handler