Woohoo! This will be a wild ride, all.
  1. Since I did a list a while ago about How I met my husband Ian @ian_west I will answer the other questions!
  2. How I Met My Husband How I Met My Husband
  3. How he makes me feel special:
    I always, always, ALWAYS, have fresh flowers in my house. From the grocery store! They last for WEEKS! [not roses, he always gets me the mix & match flowers bc that's what I prefer!]
  4. What is he good at?
    Cooking. He LOVES to cook, to find new recipes, to invent something new! He'll send me recipes throughout the day at work when we talk on Google Chat. Here he is, cookin away when I got home from work tonight! (Please excuse his hat-hair, he had baseball after school 😅).
  5. His secret super power?
    He has the patience of twelve saints when it comes to helping me live with anxiety & depression stuff. He loves me for me & is always there for me. He leaves me alone, makes me laugh, lets me cry all over him, or shakes me out of it and makes me move on, depending on the situation. The man really knows me, I am lucky.
  6. His most ridiculous quality?
    He cracks himself up, even if no one else is laughing. And if no one else thinks he's funny, he doesn't give a shit, as long as he made himself laugh. 😂😂😂😂 But I'm usually laughing with him (or AT him).
  7. He thinks he's tough, but.....
    He's a huge softie. He talks a big game, about his students, about being tough on the outside, about only caring about those he loves/people in his life, but he has a huge heart. He's full of it. He just hasn't admitted yet that he's a giant teddy bear. I know it though, as do most who know him. 😍