(I had my college iPod on shuffle and came across some fantastic stuff)
  1. Foo Fighters
    Love them forever.
  2. Across The Universe (film & soundtrack)
  3. Christina Perri's "Lovestrong."
    I've been mostly listening to her latest album and forgot how much I love her first!
  4. Mix CDs
    I uploaded a ton of mix CDs that my best friend Alli made me in college onto my iPod back in the day. Hearing them again made me miss this tradition. "Here are songs that remind me of you, basically pieces of my heart..."
  5. Early Matt Nathanson
    So nostalgic for me!
  6. Norah Jones
    I listen to her a lot on Pandora but listening to "Little Broken Hearts" start to finish is wonderful. The "Miriam" remix is great too.
  7. Vanessa Carlton
    How could I have forgotten her? "Rabbits on the Run" is a great album.