In Honor of My Cousin/Soul Sister's Birthday, Here Is A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

@apantone Happy birthday! You should all follow her! She is a beautiful soul 🎉💖
  1. OBX 🏝
    OBX Beach trip when my sister & parents couldn't go, so your family brought me anyway 😍
  2. Our resting "take this damn photo so we can ORDER OUR LUNCH" face.
  3. The "pretend you're in an old-timey Victorian portrait and be weirdly serious" pose from last year's Christmas party
  4. From the wedding!
    Nanny thinks we look like twins here 😅
  5. Snuggled together in THE SNAP IT!
    Best Christmas gift Nanny ever gave me. So many minutes of fun.
  6. #1 all time favorite OBX photo
    What are we laughing at by ourselves? Something amazing, obviously 😂👯👯💕 my other fave photo from this day, Moon Baby, I did not add here out of love and respect for you.
  7. I will carry you always 🙃
  8. Always twinning, especially at Christmas!
    Where was the SNAP IT?!
  9. Best spontaneous night 💘🌟