Insight Into A Brew Day

  1. Little Miss Harper is growing up so quickly! Every weekend that we see her, she's smiling brighter, seeing more, and her personality grows.
  2. She fell asleep on me, and it was the most precious.
  3. Lily & Harper had some snuggle time.
  4. Cheers! Ladies are drinking Chardonnay, craft beer for the fellas.
  5. Erin (in the hoodie), Jason, Ian, Justin, and Tucker (the dog).
  6. All smiles!
  7. The ladies did facemasks, Harper was horrified.
  8. Aunt Robyn stopped by!
  9. Some good-ass Finger Lakes wine.
  10. Lily & I planted poppies last week - they're starting to bloom! 🌷
  11. I won the award for most drunk. Ian drove us home & got me Wendy's nuggets bc he is a true gentleman.
  12. The facemasks looked insane, but our skin was INCREDIBLE!!!