1. To Lake George
    [Or any lake, for that matter] 🏞⛵
  2. To The Outer Banks
    Avon, NC ❤🏖🏝🌞🌴🍹
  3. Over for drinks & apps/dinner
    I love a good app and wine night
  4. To hang out with the new baby
    Love seeing my nieces/nephews and their new baby siblings 💛
  5. To brunch
    Bagels & mimosas 🙌
  6. Over for a movie night
    Preferably a Harry Potter marathon
  7. To read some of your fave books
    I'm always looking for something new to read 📚📖
  8. To put my comfy clothes on, bc there is literally never a point where I want to be in anything but yoga pants or leggings