Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

  1. I took a screenshot of this conversation between by best friend Tiff and I bc it made me laugh so much. It perfectly encapsulates our 10 year friendship.
  2. Another screenshot, celebrating May the Fourth.
    Amazing art by a woman named Risa Rodil, of whom I'm a HUGE fan. Check her out out on Tumblr or on various sites.
  3. At a best friend's bridal shower.
    Shana and I were paired as freshman roommates & have been friends since 2006.
  4. A photo of my husband and I that I edited so I could use it on social media 💖
  5. UPDATE: my best friend Tiff that I was talking to in the screenshot in the first photo got engaged DAYS after we were discussing it. She was 100% shocked. I bawled my eyes out when she told me & our other best friend Patrice in a group text.
  6. I'd upload the selfie I took to send them where I'm bawling, but I won't.