My Best Frand Had Her Baby And I'm Dead

From Happiness
  1. Brooks Otto Page, born November 25, 2016
  2. Big brother Hunter is already doing a great job!
  3. Brothers 💙
  4. In love with these boys.
  5. I cannot wait to finally meet Brooks this weekend! Watching my best friend Alli become a mother has been such a beautiful thing to watch. It makes me less nervous about being a mom myself, because we've always gone through life together, college, marriage, etc. Love her, her boys, her husband, this beautiful family and life she's made for herself.
  6. Can't wait to give him his present from one of my favorite companies, Luvi Shell. Check them out, they have the coolest baby gifts!
  7. This just happened and my heart exploded.
    Alli walked in from making the fellas lunch to find this. Be still, my heart. 💛
  8. Finally got to visit!!
    Brooks & big brother Hunter! (And me)
  9. Ian and Brooks!
    Ian even fed & burped him. It was the sweetest thing mine eyes did see.
  10. The kid's a G