Other than Howard, bc my car is too old to be wired for Howard 😭
  1. E Street Radio, Channel 24
    Bruce Springsteen all day, every day. He is an eternal classic. He's real. He just wrote a book, "Born in the USA" where he not only discusses his life and career, but his battle with depression in the last years. Love him and his music.
  2. Radio Andy, Channel 102
    Incredible programming. LOVE Bevelations w/ Bevy Smith, Jason & Jenny, The Feels w/John Hill, My Favorite Song w/ John Benjamin Hickey, Amy Phillips, Jen Kargman, Dan Rather's America, OBVIOUSLY Deep & Shallow and Live with Andy, and Sandyland is growing on me. Killer channel. Love every Andy book & WWHL. And Wacha is a darling. @andycohen Best "new" channel on Sirius, my family's addicted.
  3. Velvet
    Who knows what channel 😅 lots of Sia (who I loooove), Adele, Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Christina Perri. Lovely, slow, ballad music.
  4. Venus
    I chose this out of desperation bc the Billy Joel channel comes and goes once a year for a limited engagement, and it should just be a freakin permanent channel by now. Good Lord. This channel is okay but not great. It's all more of the same. Had to put something here once Billy's channel was over. 😑
  5. Symphony Hall
    Love this channel. So calm, peaceful, and beautiful. Keeps me from going insane during my zillion hours of commuting.
  6. 70s on 7, Channel 7
    Never enough Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, or Elton John. Just Sayin. Or Aerosmith for Ian.
  7. SoulTown
    How are Motown and Soul not two channels?! There is for SURE enough content for two. That is some bullshit. Grew up listening to soul, funk, and Motown, it never fails to make me happy.
  8. On Broadway
    Broadway Names with Julie James! Love the wonderful mix of music I get to hear, along with the cool interviews. I like Seth Rudesky but I'm not gonna lie, he talks too damn fast, half the time I can't understand what he's saying, and I'm 10 steps behind him!