Photos On My Phone That Accurately Depict My Aesthetic

  1. From Patrice's wedding. Took my wine with me when Tiff & I went to the bathroom. I sat down and the toilet just BROKE. Tiff RUSHED IN to the stall to take a photo, without bothering to check if I was in the toilet bowl or hurt or anything. Then she posted this to Snapchat.
    Describes me as a person, and what happens to me generally in life.
  2. My wedding flowers.
    Picked them out with Mom, Kelly, and Allison @apantone . Had a lovely day at the flower shop, Kelly got us lost on the way home, ended the day having delicious roast beef sandwiches at a goofy dive bar/restaurant that's a staple in the town. 🤗
  3. Lake George, NY.
    Blue. Sunny. Clear, clean water. When the weather is a teeny bit chilly but the sun warms you enough to get in the water. Wine in the sandy area or in the gazebo with my sister in law Maegan while Ian, Justin, Lily, and soon-to-be Harper play. Our friends Tim, Corry, and their two sons Cooper and Blake are in the cabin next door. Towels in the grass, my Kindle has lots of books ready for me, but I never get to them bc I'm spend real time with my family and friends. Reconnecting with Corry 👭
  4. Words.
    Have always been important to me. How they're written, said, typed, implied, or left unsaid.